NAFIL has the mandate to provide or facilitate the provision of low cost housing for NAF Personnel and the general public.

Welfare Insurance Scheme

2The Nigerian Air Force Welfare Insurance Scheme (NAFWIS) was established in 1989 as one of the terminal benefits provided to retiring personnel or next of kin (NOK) of deceased ones. The scheme is sustained through monthly contributions of deducted salaries from NAF personnel. The retiring contributors or NOKs of deceased personnel are entitled to the refund of their contribution with 7% compound interest. In addition, a certain percentage, based on rank, is paid as bonus. The scheme provides immediate succor to retiring and NOK of deceased personnel before their other benefits are paid.


Benevolent Fund Scheme


The Benevolent Fund Scheme was the first contributory welfare programme designed by the NAF in 1982. The payable amount was reviewed by the Foundation in May 08 to meet the realities of time. Thus, the revised Benevolent Fund Scheme commenced in Jun 08 with a 2 percent deduction from personnel monthly salary as contribution to the scheme. In the new scheme, retiring contributors are entitled to the refund of their contribution with 5 percent compound interest rate. The same condition also applies to deceased personnel. The benefit payable to families of bereaved personnel was also reviewed in order to sustain the accomplishment of the objective of the scheme.

Voluntary Mortgage Contribution

1NAF Foundation created the Voluntary Mortgage Contributions (VMC) for personnel to contribute on their own volition any percentage of their salary they deem convenient. It is pertinent to mention that the response to the VMC initiative has been tremendous, with some volunteering as much as 20 % of salaries. It is intended that the VMC will be a prelude to the establishment of our PMI. In the interim, it will serve to assist personnel with the basic 10% requirement by developers for purchase of houses.



Micro Credit Loan Scheme

4 The Micro Credit Loan Scheme (MCLS) was introduced by the defunct NAF Foundation in Apr 07 to grant loan facilities to personnel and their spouses with pressing financial needs. The loan is to assist NAF personnel with soft loans at affordable interest rate. The loan is repayable in 18 months at an interest rate of 12 percent.It is therefore evident that the scheme is a worthy venture.



Air Crew Insurance

1We provide insurance cover for Nigerian Air Force pilots






1NAFIL is posed to accommodate the civil society with its travels and ticketing service, Our ticketing service include both domestic and international travels.